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Little Sunshine
Hi there.
Sat Mar 3, 2012 12:00pm

Just got up from my Winter sleep,lol....Are there more awaken? Anyway Spring has begun, so it's time to let the moth's free. Where I live they organize a singcontest. Different Countries are parcepate in this. It happens around the first Weekend in May.That is not so interesting, but the Neatherlands are sending a woman who wears a Native American Headdress.I saw it on YouTube, and find it very offending. The song has nothing to do with Native nor the person. So I ask myself why she is doing this. Don't they know what the Hollanders have don in the past about the Natives. Oké, one can change, but one can also not. If it would happen in my Contry, I would do everything to stop this. What do you think about it? I will see that I can get a picture of it to send to you. Peace.

    • hint hintNaiche, Sat Mar 10 12:06am
      How have you been and good to see the ones which posted when I did a recon were well known and thought of by ME, stay strong stay free stay indian K
      • Hint hint. RE:Little Sunshine, Sat Mar 10 12:29pm
        Hi Naiche, nice to hear from you. Hope you and yours are doing oké. Bless.
        • For You and yoursNaiche, Sat Mar 10 6:36pm
          Love is the key to everything. LOVE positive thoughts fly as butterflies to create a beautiful and pleasant future. Send thoughts of love to create a better future for us all on this beautiful living ... more
          • For You and YoursShadowcloud, Sun Mar 11 11:30am
            And so it is, as the smoke ascends with Universal Love. One Creator of it all. For a thought can only be, if unspoken or unwritten. Other wise, it becomes a form of expression. Yet, so many gather in ... more
    • Warm HelloShadow warrior, Tue Mar 6 3:20pm
      I remember you a in good way and just wanted to say it is good to see you post here again. At times things in this world get to the point where most say the hell with it. I just feel all should give... more
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