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Little Sunshine
RE: Three. SC 8724
Mon Mar 5, 2012 9:07am

Hi Brother Shadow Cloud. Nice to see you here. I knew that it was you (about the Three). Love ya.Sis

  • ThreeShadowcloud8724, Sun Mar 4 11:30am
    Then there were Three
    • RE: Three. SC 8724 — Little Sunshine, Mon Mar 5 9:07am
      • ThreeShadowcloud, Mon Mar 5 9:20am
        Osiyo Sister, I have always been here, but in order to maintain harmony among, I have refrained from commenting till, I posted about the Three. Sadness grew with the silence, but enjoyed the quite... more
        • Re: ThreeNaiche, Fri Mar 9 11:57pm
          Shadowcloud how you been and know I am the same way. That old shadow warrior MO hey amigo yall have always been well thought of by me. altough you and I did have a tussle no matter for it is right... more
          • NaicheShadowcloud, Sat Mar 10 8:45am
            Osiyo Naiche, I have set silent but, always kept in my heart, wisdom to learn. So many only see the amount, as true . But eyes see, and ears hear, no matter the amount of blood that flows within. The ... more
            • ShadowcloudNaiche, Sat Mar 10 6:34pm
              "Creator(GOD), We are the smoke from many fires. We are here because of you. Like smoke in the Wind we are pushed and guided by your hand." Creator leads and We follow that all have free will and... more
        • RE: Shadowcloud.Little Sunshine, Wed Mar 7 12:23pm
          Hi sweet Brother.Nice that you are here. I have always had faith in the Forum and the people who mean it well, and I have always observed the postings like you did.Anyway, I hope more will come and... more
          • Little SunshineShadowcloud, Wed Mar 7 5:02pm
            Osiyo Sis,It is as you said. Much can be learned by the wisdom of the Elders. Wisdom of time, passes swiftly before our eyes. To much has returned to the dust. The twig yesterday, gives shade today... more
        • Re: ThreeThe Shadow Warrior, Tue Mar 6 3:11pm
          how goes it friends used to be here and thank yall for the input stay strong, stay free, stay indian
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