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Little Sunshine
Wed Mar 7, 2012 5:02pm

Osiyo Sis,It is as you said. Much can be learned by the wisdom of the Elders. Wisdom of time, passes swiftly before our eyes. To much has returned to the dust. The twig yesterday, gives shade today it seems. You and Bronco, must be getting ready for Camp this spring, won't be much longer.
Stay Well
Blessing to each:

  • RE: Shadowcloud.Little Sunshine, Wed Mar 7 12:23pm
    Hi sweet Brother.Nice that you are here. I have always had faith in the Forum and the people who mean it well, and I have always observed the postings like you did.Anyway, I hope more will come and... more
    • Little Sunshine — Shadowcloud, Wed Mar 7 5:02pm
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