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Bernard Humbles Jr
Bernard Humbles Penn
Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:59pm

I'm the first born son of Mr. Humbles. I'm currently the President of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 2241, located at the VA Medical Center Denver. I'm also a 20+year Army Veteran/retiree, a University Graduate, Contact Liason to the AFGE National VA Council, Executive Co-Chair for the VA VISN 19 Executive Leadership Council, member of the Native American EEO Special emphisis program at this VA facility and now a VA federal employee, for almost 19 years.

My Dad and Mother within a two year time span, both walked on. I have to say and(with a positive smile) both were extremely honest people. In the 1970's, I went with them to the US National Archives in Washington DC, in a quest to gather the documented truth, of our ancestery and I read with my own eyes the documented information and truth. These words should be noted that he spoke to me before his passing; "You are more Indian then me, due to your mothers ancestery and remember that you are Indian first and foremost." I'm happy to say, that after reviewing other information left behind, hearing the words of my Mothers 92 year old Aunt, and having other official records, there was no "cookie jar" at all. He never asked for anything and my mother often to me, complained, as his travels and long distance calls, came out of their monthly retirement benifit budget and sometimes they were short for the month.

One year I went to PA and bought them a refridgerator from Sears, because they couldn't afford to buy one. I paid out of pocket to open and close my mothers grave.

My Dad was a wealth of free information for many people seeking the truth about their humble ancestory and beginings. I hope that what I have written here is taken by All in a positive fashion. I must move on, as I have much work to do here in Colorado. Please have a good and prosperous day.

  • Mr. Humbleskay, Thu Sep 27 11:50am
    I think I talked with him a few years back when I had the Center.What's he up to?
    • Bernard Humbles Penn — Bernard Humbles Jr, Wed Aug 22 7:59pm
      • Hello to you.Little Sunshine, Sun Aug 26 1:50pm
        Nice to meet you and to read about your lovely thoughts about your parents.I think you have more to say then what you have posted here. So please do. It is always good to learn about ones Ancestry... more
    • kayBlackhawk, Thu Sep 27 12:16pm
      kay. thank you for your nice reply. Mr. Humbles Penn is quite a nice person, at least, while we were talking the other day. what is the name and location of the center you were operating. i love to... more
      • Kay J.Blackhawk, Thu Sep 27 5:15pm
        If the name Kay J. rings a bell with you then i believe i know who you are. Take some good advice and run like hell from this site. You are a good person and do not need all the BS you will get here. ... more
        • Kay JSnow, Fri Sep 28 7:00am
          Why? Guess ya don't want her to see the truth about you! BTW, is it blackheart or blackfart or is it, as the brothers have said, AZZCLOWN?
          • SnowBlackhawk, Fri Sep 28 7:47am
            I was not guessing who KAY J. is. I know her. Just do not want to give her name on this site. Trying to protect her from Dickwads like you..
            • DickwadSnow, Fri Sep 28 7:51am
              You're the dickwad, Pal. Perhaps you know Kay the same way you claim to know Blackbearswoman - LOL LOL. I know for a fact that you do not know who she is.
              • Snow---BlackbearswomanBlackhawk, Fri Sep 28 8:36am
                Snow---Blackbearswoman---whatever!! put them in a bag and shake it up----it really does not matter which falls out because you get the same bullshit. It really does not matter how much you cry over... more
                • AZZCLOWNSnow, Fri Sep 28 8:54am
                  When's that court date? LOL Also, entities is spelled with an "e" you idiot. Blackhawk Snow---Blackbearswoman Fri Sep 28, 2007 8:36AM Snow---Blackbearswoman---whatever!! put them in a bag ... more
                  • azzclownBlackhawk, Fri Sep 28 9:12am
                    you are correct snow---an e---- legal is still legal and cry all you need to try and recover from all this. we are legal and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. have a nice day. by the way ... more
                    • FYINaiche, Sat Sep 29 1:34pm
                      Apache does not have the letter "I" in it AZZCLOWN and have a nice day
                    • AZZCLOWNSnow, Fri Sep 28 9:20am
                      Assclown may be spelled with an "s" but the brothers didn't call you that. They called you azzclown, which is spelled with a "z." Hang around and see what can and will be done about it, azzclown.... more
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