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William Jones
Lumbee attempts to be enrolled as cherokee despite no connec
Thu Dec 3, 2015 2:56pm

The reverend D.F. Lowry and Clifton Oxendine of Robeson County NC, who had worked since at least 1909 to secure recognition of the Lumbee/Croatan Tribe as Cherokee
On March 9, A.B. Locklear wrote the Department requesting the status of the Cherokee bill. Finding that no action had been taken, Locklear headed a three-year effort to get a new bill introduced. To help with the drafting of the legislation, Locklear enlisted the pro bono services of a Washington attorney named Ellwood Morey.
D.F. Lowry and Clifton Oxendine, who had worked since at least 1909 to secure federal recognition of the group as "Cherokees along with a signed petition by over 600 croatans of Robeson county.

The Lumbee Identity theft past Bills to be recognized as Cherokee,! Petitioned and ask for by croatan lumbee members petitions in Robeson County.Lumbee leaders then SEIZED upon the idea of claiming“Cherokee” heritage.In 1910,over the objections of the existing recognized Cherokee tribes,
1. 1910(January24)Introduction of a Federal bill by Lumbee members in the U.S.House of Representatives to change the tribes name from"Croatan to"Cherokee"at the request of the Croatans(lumbee)
2. 1913(July 10)Introduction of another federal bill by Lumbee members in the U.S. Senate to"change the tribes name from Indians of Robeson County to"Cherokee Indians"of Robeson County"by the Lumbee
3. 1924(March 20)Introduction of a bill again by Lumbee members in the U.S. House to change the tribal name to"Cherokee"by the lumbee
4 . 1932(May 9).A federal bill was introduced in the U.S.Senate to"RECOGNIZE AND ENROLL the tribe as"Cherokee Indians"at the request of the lumbee(croatan)council.
ATTEMPT TO STEAL A FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED TRIBES IDENTITY shame shame shame and With signed petitions each time by over 600 Lumbee members each and everYtime!

http://lumbeesovereigntycoalit ...

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    • Lumbee attempts to be enrolled as cherokee despite no connec — William Jones, Thu Dec 3 2:56pm
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      • informationBeth, Mon Nov 28 11:24am
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        • ray couchshortstuff, Mon Nov 28 1:54pm
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      • misinformedBeth, Mon Nov 28 11:04am
        Hello, My name is Beth Fortner. Invitations where given out, these groups (social) choose not to attent. Chief Chad Smith, like with such groups in Tenn. Came and paid them a visit. I will forward... more
    • Wow...Emily, Tue Sep 22 9:22pm
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    • Holy Immaculate Infusion Batman!!!Butch, Sun Nov 30 3:51pm
      OMG!!!! That's just crazy that there are so many wannabe Cherokees out there! And I know of one or two that isn't on that list!!!! It's like putting out a forest fire with a whisk broom!!!! Geez!!!
      • you said itBeth, Tue Dec 2 8:19am
        You siad it Butch! If you have a chance, check out the website, though it would not let me cut and paste, on the website with each name listed, it also has info such as if the group is a 501 c3 etc... more
        • I agreeTeresa Latiolais, Thu Apr 2 9:59am
          I do agree, I have met people, who have red hair and really really fair skined and say IM Half...and when I ask They go my great great grandfather was indian..I happly inform them that does not make... more
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