Re: New feature- "more comments"
Thu Nov 14, 2013 17:42

Hi Sean,

Our group has two DiscApps (241484 is the smaller one by far), and we sometimes use them for extremely large, sprawling threads. For a thread like this, this new feature would now require me to click at least five times simply to view the most recent post on the longest chain - and we have had far longer ones.

Additionally, the 'x more comments' message is appearing well over to the left hand side of the page - the entire right half of our boards are now empty.

As I'm sure you're tired of hearing, making this optional would be perfect. Failing that, however, could the number of comments before the 'more comments' kicks in be increased? As a middle ground, could it even be made a settable value - defaulting to the current 8, but able to be increased by the user? That would allow the customisability we all love from our DiscApps without requiring two entirely separate lumps of code to be maintained.

Thank you for all your hard work; I know it must get depressing when people keep wanting to change everything back, and a customisable version of this would certainly make our long threads a lot easier to handle than they used to be!

  • New feature- "more comments"Sean Brunnock, Sat Nov 9 10:40
    Instead of showing all entries in a thread, the DiscApps now only show the first 8 entries in a "branch" in a thread and will instead show a link with the number of hidden comments. This should... more
    • New feature- "more comments"David F Mayer, Tue Dec 17 19:29
      I hate it. Also, it does not work properly. It shows the same post as the one it is attached to and there is no way to get the hidden post.
    • yes, we do not prefer it.Griz, Sat Nov 16 23:24
      It can make it difficult to respond to original posts. Please change back to unlimited strings within the HTML codec. It's not so much that the strings are limited, as much as our friends have to... more
    • New new feature- modifiable thread depth levelSean Brunnock, Fri Nov 15 10:27
      In the "Threads" section on the "Appearance" tab on the admin page, you can change the number of indents your DiscApp makes before the "# more comments" link shows up.
      • Thank you so much!, Tue Nov 19 01:06
        We really appreciate your prompt response.
      • Great, Thank you.Ken C., Mon Nov 18 02:08
        I wanted to use the new layout for a while to see if I would get used to it before I made any comments here. On my forum at I already had a custom... more
    • Re: New feature- "more comments" — Huinesoron, Thu Nov 14 17:42
      • Done. Thread depth is settable.Sean Brunnock, Fri Nov 15 10:24
        Visit the "Threads" section on the "Appearance" tab on your admin page to change it.
        • Thank you VERY much !!Sia☺giah, Mon Nov 18 12:46
          It was multiple clicks for our forum and regular posters were avoiding even reading the most popular threads because there was so much effort required just to get to a new post that they just stopped ... more
        • Wow! Thank you.Huinesoron, Fri Nov 15 16:25
          I am seriously impressed that you made the change that quickly. That is excellent customer service - and I'm not just saying that because it was my suggestion ;). The new functionality appears to... more
      • Re: New feature- "more comments" Support, Thu Nov 14 17:54
        Thank you for your comments. We could make the limit settable.
    • Disable?, Sat Nov 9 16:56
      Hi Sean, Is there any way to disable this feature? We find it does not work very well with our site, as it makes it difficult to tell when you have a reply to a thread. Thank you.
    • it is incredibly obnoxious on our forum...Sia☺giah, Sat Nov 9 16:01
      #206964 Is there a way to 'opt out' of it? It is adding an incredible amount of clicking and hunting to the forum just to read a thread... our threads tend to get very long &... more
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