Rick Jones
Background color
Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:44

The background color of gold has been missing from our site for several weeks. It's usually only gone a day or two but this time maybe we're an exception. Please advise. Rick

    • Re: Background colorTamara, Thu Mar 26 07:00
      It's possible the Admin made a change to the stylesheet causing it to disappear.
      • Background colorRick Jones, Thu Mar 26 10:29
        I am the only admin. for the site and I haven't changed anything. Would you please change the background color back to gold? Rick
        • Re: Background colorTamara, Thu Mar 26 15:40
          I checked your style sheet and it is blank. I can't update the style sheet for you. You'll need to log in to the site where you are hosting your style sheet and update it.
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