Thu Jul 30, 2015 17:12


Over at #199610 we are currently being attacked by an unregistered user with an IPv6 IP address. We've reported most messages as abuse and deleted them, but I'm wondering how the IP blocking feature of DiscApps works with IPv6. I know the IP-prefix fields delete the letters and colons used in an IPv6 address, which suggests it can only block based on the very start of the address. Is this correct, and are there any plans to upgrade to full IPv6 blocking support?

(For reference, an IPv6 IP address looks like this:


    • How about now?Sean Brunnock, Tue Aug 4 10:18
      I just modified the security code. You should be able to enter IPv6 addresses now. Can you test it? My desktop is still using v4.
      • Re: How about now?Huinesoron, Tue Aug 4 16:08
        I can confirm that IPv6 blocking appears to work as expected: blocking the first three segments of the address lets through people who share the first segment, but blocks those who have all three. I... more
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