How to find old post to edit
Tue Oct 27, 2015 10:19

I originally found the post by clicking on the link to it from my Webmaster Tools link error area. But couldn't find it in the maintenance list to actually edit and correct the hotlink in the post so that it no longer throws a 404 on my website. There was a word misspelled on the hotlink, that's why it doesn't work properly and throws the error. It's a link on the post that goes back to my website,

  • Change link on very old postCathryn Peters, Sat Oct 24 08:25
    There is a link on one of my very, very old posts dated Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:33am that's throwing a 404 on my website, because the link posted on my disc app #220033, links incorrectly to a page on my ... more
    • How to find old post to edit — Cathryn, Tue Oct 27 10:19
    • Re: Change link on very old postTamara, Tue Oct 27 07:13
      Have you tried searching on the subject line of the post?
      • Find old postCathryn, Tue Oct 27 10:15
        Yes, I tried the subject also. Here's the author, subject, date and IP address as I also added to my original question so you could see it. The Wicker Woman Re: Basment Humidity Sat Dec 24, 2011... more
      • Re: Change link on very old postCathryn, Tue Oct 27 10:12
        Yes, as I said, I tried every which way I could think of to find the post.
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