Style Sheet
Wed Sep 7, 2016 23:42

I appear to be unable to put up a background image or even change the color. Here's the relevent lines from my CSS file below. (I Xed out my domain name). Been over this a thousand times without any luck... Thanks in advance, Onson.

BODY {padding-left : 1px ; background-image : url(http://xxxx.com/randbg/save50.jpg) ; FONT-WEIGHT : bold ; FONT-SIZE : 14pt ; BACKGROUND-attachment : fixed; MARGIN-LEFT : 0%;}

    • Re: Style SheetTamara, Thu Sep 15 07:24
      It looks like you've opted to use a remote style sheet rather than place CSS in the prologue/epilogue. The background image displayed fine when I checked your DiscApp.
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