Cathryn Peters
Requesting Data Dump #220033
Tue Apr 9, 2019 14:56

Shawn and Tamara,

So sorry to hear in this off-handed way (reading a bit from another person's post) that the DiscussionApp Forums are all closing down sometime in October. Hopefully, you will be making an official statement to all the admins of the forums so we all know exactly what is happening and why, and have time to make other arrangements if possible.

DiscYourWebApps served a much-needed way of communications way before Facebook and the other social networks came onboard and I am very grateful to you both for this opportunity that I was able to provide to my chair seat weaving community for the last 15 years!!!!!

I realize how hard it is to keep up with changing technology and what a drain that can be both financially and emotionally to all concerned. Over the 20 years, I've had my website, keeping up with the technological changes has been the biggest obstacle for me to overcome.

I'm putting in yet another request for a data dump on my long-standing, since 2004, board as soon as possible. I have not received any since the initial request a year or so ago, so am hoping that this one will go through this time.

After I requested the data dump and didn't see anything from you, I checked my Promotions tab, spam and junk folders, and All Mail just in case but found nothing. I'm using G Suites and have you in my address book and approved senders list, etc. so I can't understand why I didn't receive the data dumps before.

Blessings to you both and rejoice in whatever direction your lives go in now!

The Wicker WomanŽ-Cathryn Peters

    • Re: Requesting Data Dump #220033Tamara, Sun Apr 14 09:51
      An announcement was made in February that we would be closing down the DiscApps in October. I'm not sure why you did not receive it. I will remind Sean that you need a data dump. He's been busy with... more
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