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Grand Rapids
Gran rapids Michigan.
Sat Oct 15, 2016 16:11

Anyone aged 18-25 near grand rapids Michigan interested in giving or receiving falaka? I'm a 20 y/o male, athletic build.

    • Too picky?Grand rapids michigan, Tue Oct 18 05:56
      Since no one is responding I am willing to broaden my age group. If you are over 25 I am willing to receive bastinado from you but I am not willing to give. Please I am looking for a first time... more
      • Injection needles in you bare feet 21 gaugepinz, Sat Sep 16 16:56
        I know the feeling, in Ontario its so hard to find students into needle play I've actually caught myself looming at some female feet. I've also noticed when I do a search on duckduckgo for fetish... more
      • I'm in GRBarefeet, Sat Jan 7 07:12
        would like to meet and set up a session,, my feet are ready and I live in Grand Rapids Michigan
        • Bastinado Falaka MichiganAnonymous, Sun Jan 8 13:15
          Hey, I live in Troy and I am willing to give and receive bastinado. My feet are yours send me an email please if interested
      • Bastinado/Falaka TroyEzio, Tue Oct 25 12:46
        Hey I am 22 and i am willing to give and receive send me an email so we can talk about details if you like.
      • NeedlesAnonymous, Tue Oct 18 07:00
        I am in Ontario Canada, 40 years old and have a fetish for giving needles in the feet, it is hard to find 18-25 year old guys into it, I am sure there are many out there but too shy to respond let... more
        • my feet are ready22 years old slave, Mon Nov 7 11:11
          Hello I am ready to be your victim I enjoy this kind of feet torture and I have proper age please contact me
          • EmailGrand rapids bastinado , Tue Nov 15 13:40
            I sent you an email. Apparently someone else did as well? If you are that other person I'd like to get in contact with you as well.
          • Greetings.Anonymous, Wed Nov 9 14:55
            Mail on the way
        • Another forumGrand rapids, Tue Oct 18 07:43
          Maybe there is a better forum that everyone else uses that we don't know about and they dont know about us.
          • Other forums Anonymous, Wed Oct 19 16:43
            Problem with this board is it displays ip adress, I haven't tried tinder but there must be some way to connect with guys into needles in the feet. In a perfect world 18-25 year old dudes would be... more
            • NeedlesGrand rapids, Wed Oct 19 23:07
              If you were in grand rapids I'd be down to try 1/2 inch to an inch needles. But sadly you are too far.
              • Needles21 gaugepinz, Sat Sep 16 16:47
                Hey, did you ever find someone to give you needles in your feet? You are in college right? I am in Ontario Canada but just wondering. And what is your foot size so I can at least fantasize about... more
              • NeedlesAnonymous, Thu Oct 20 08:08
                Yea, I have 21 gauge 1/2 inch needles which are just perfect for the tops, sides and soles of bare feet. Only done self sessions though. The small needles are so perfect for feet, not too painful but ... more
          • Another forumAnonymous, Tue Oct 18 16:46
            I was thinking same but I have checked recon, fetlife and Craigslist but not many if any young guys into needles in the feet. Some think it's too weird.
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