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foot torturee
Any foot torturers in the Pittsburgh area?
Mon Nov 28, 2016 00:37

I am a 44 year old white male. I have well taken care of size 13 feet. I have fair skin so they are pale and soft. I am interested in having my feet tortured.

First I'll mention the pain part of the torture because that's what everybody likes here. I'm open to a lot of things, including: tight toe bondage, bastinado, hot feet, bamboo under toenails, tiger balm between the toes, etc. The only thing I can think of that I'm really not into are needles.

I am also interested in other torture that doesn't involve pain. Tickling is one of those and I am ticklish especially under my toes.

Another is embarassment. I have always been shy about showing my feet. They are usually covered and I always have socks and shoes on in public. I don't own flip flops or sandals. Having my feet on display would be embarassing. Being made to walk in public barefoot would be very embarassing, especially if my toenails were painted first. No pain here but very psychological.

The last element of torture is gross things on my feet. This is hard to explain but I think because I protect them so much they are very sensitive. My skin crawls at the thought of having slugs crawling on my feet, being made to step on worms or eggs, cum on my feet or animals licking them. I know this is strange but it is another psychological torture.

If you are in the area and are interested in any of these things, please email me. I'd love to get together and be tortured by you.

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