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My feet
Mon Jul 17, 2017 03:37

Hi, I offer my feet,size 43 for torture. Pls let me know
what you would like to do with them. My feet are wide and
well shaped and sensitive. Awaiting your reply with great interst.

    • Re: My feetsadisticclown, Wed Jul 19 16:23
      Ooooh! I know some things! HEHE Wide feet must be roasted! And many other stuff...
      • feetjoe, Sat Jul 22 12:33
        hi,would you torture guys feet with a steam presser
        • Re: feetlong time monroe, Sat Jul 22 23:10
          go home Joe the bullshit artist with your penguin feet everyone in town knows you
          • harassmentjoe, Mon Jul 24 11:03
            stop harassing me!
            • Re: harassmenttruth teller, Mon Jul 24 23:20
              stop lowering the IQ of the website . You certified bullshit artist.
      • My feetMan, Thu Jul 20 02:11
        Hi sadisticclown, could you please explain what do you mean with "other stuff". I am vey keen to know what you have in maind. I have red you story here in this board and like it a lot.
      • Re: My feetAnonymous, Thu Jul 20 02:05
        Thanks. Could you explain what do you mean with "other stuff", please.
        • BullshitTruth teller, Thu Jul 20 23:33
          In my entire life I have never seen such an array of phony bullshit artists close this site
    • foot torturehtfootcub, Mon Jul 17 18:48
      love to torture feet new jersey here us
      • foot torturehtfootcub, Sun Jul 23 07:57
        real in new jersey if you want your feet tortured
        • torturing my feetjoe, Mon Jul 24 11:05
          Hi,I,m in ny. i,d come to nj how would you torture my feet
          • foot torturehtfootcub, Tue Jul 25 20:05
            hey Joe love to tickle torture and bastinado and het tortures what do you like?
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