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Creating Your Own Foot Pain
Thu Feb 8, 2018 17:13

We all belong to this group because we take pleasure to administering pain to others feet, and having the same done to our feet. Here are some ways to create pain to our feet during the workday. Have you ever taped some pebbles to the soles/balls/heels of your feet and then spend the day in your dress shoes? Another way to create your own source of foot pain is to go to an upscale resale shop, and look for two pairs of dress shoes - one pair one half size too small, the second pair a full size too small. Wear these shoes to work. and enjoy the tightness and constriction of your socked feet - especially having your toes so tightly compressed in the one size too small dress shoes. When you limp into your home at the end of the day (wearing the full size too small shoes) remove them carefully, and do not wiggle your toes just yet. Place your dress socked feet up on the coffee table and look at the configuration of your socked toes - and compare the view to what your normal toe configuration looks like. Another interesting thing to try is to pack tissue paper tightly into the toes of your shoes. You will know how much to use - the goal is to block off part of the area your toes would normally occupy. Then, the ends of your toes are pushed back and raised up. It is an experience you will remember. I am sure others know of, and have done, these things - but since I have never seen anyone address this particular way of being in control of how little, or how much, pain you would like to administer to your own feet. It makes the workday much more interesting. Reply if you have done the above, or know of other ways, which you would like to share

    • Middle toe tight shoes tortureFoottor, Sun Feb 11 14:47
      My feet forced into shoes 2 sizes small walked till in tears the Master said how about I let your two middle toes out I said please. He cut a hole in the top of my shoes so my middle toes stuck up... more
    • Tight shoesFoottor, Sun Feb 11 14:40
      Many times by my foot Master I had to grow my toenails longer have them painted then wear clear pumps that were way to small my long painted toenails cut into my toes you could see through the clear... more
    • Shoe TortureFoottor, Sun Feb 11 14:29
      I was ordered to cut out the soles of my old gym shoes some had almost all of my soles exposed,some pairs had just the bottom of my toes and ball of my feet exposed. Then I was walked all over in... more
    • Self pain replyS C, Sat Feb 10 15:22
      During the winter months I like to hold my feet right in front of the fireplace almost touching the flames. The sensation is nice and long lasting. You can get a similar effect by dripping hot wax on ... more
      • Hot and Cold FeetFoottor, Sun Feb 18 18:32
        I met a guy and his friends at the woods in middle of Winter at a stone inclosure with a fire pit. They had me remove my shoes and socks made me have me toenails painted girly then they held my feet... more
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