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Toe Biting
Sat Feb 10, 2018 00:12

I have this thing about removing a guys shoes/trainers, leaving his hot sweaty socks on and then sink my teeth into his big toes biting as hard as I can.

Anyone up for having their toes bitten?

    • Re: Toe BitingAnonymous, Mon Mar 19 19:00
      Ok good, what would you wana do to me if their is no limits? I like the thought of limetless. Also is it a serious offer?
      • No LimitsAnonymous, Tue Mar 20 01:52
        My main thing is to bite and belt a guys socked foot, the harder the better! So without limits I would secure you to a dining chair using duct tape, preventing any resistance once I start abusing... more
        • Re: No LimitsAnonymous, Tue Mar 20 13:08
          sounds like a lot of it real or fantasy?
          • Real or FantasyAnonymous, Tue Mar 20 23:22
            A bit of both, have bitten guys feet before - one (an ex) could take any amount but that was years ago. Only taken belt to one guys feet, he set limit of 10 lashes to each foot so i respected that!... more
            • RealDC, Thu Mar 22 06:16
              My first Bastinado experience left me terrified and totally humiliated...after being restrained super tightly and servicing feet my soles were thrashed so hard that I could just about walk! Had to... more
            • Re: Real or FantasyAnonymous, Wed Mar 21 17:10
              No never done it for real, its more the biting thing i like the thought of, i would like to feel like someone is actually trying to eat my feet. Bit odd i know.
              • No worriesAnonymous, Thu Mar 22 07:04
                Hey, no worries, the belt aint important. Liking your feet being bitten isn't any odder than asking to bite someone's feet!
                • Re: No worriesAnonymous, Thu Mar 22 12:49
                  so is it something that could happen for real?
                  • SureAnonymous, Sat Mar 24 01:32
                    Yeah for sure, i will bite your feet as long and hard as you want me to. Where about are you based?
    • Re: Toe BitingAnonymous, Sat Mar 17 10:40
      that sounds good to me,i like having my feet chewed on,wher are you?am in the uk.
      • Re: Toe BitingAnonymous, Mon Mar 19 00:08
        I am in UK too - midlands
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