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Sat Aug 18, 2018 09:51

I have thought about in the middle of a Master's garage hanging from my thumbs barefoot with girly pink neon toenails stand on empty beer bottles for a party.
I would be the human foot pain centerpiece,they all could watch !e suffer from the pressure of the bottle tops on my soft tender soles.
The Master could have different things anyone could use on my feet toes or toenails as address torture the way they perfer.
The longest I have stood is 4 hours the pain unbearable crying I couldn't walk when let down.
I 'v been on bottles with pencils tied tight between all my toes that was extreme pain.
Been on the with needles deep under every one of my toenails.
Had different guys use lit cigarettes,matches and candles on my toes while bottle standing.
Once my Master even slowly dripped hot glue on my painted toenails to punish me for having feet to girly and pretty.
Please comment my Master and I would like to new ideas and older ones or move of the ones I have a
Ready endured ?
I'm going to make up a new email today just for sharing pics and videos of my feet toes and toenails tortured.
All people commenting will get them

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