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Sun Aug 19, 2018 01:59

I`ve also good Ideas for Bastinado fixing feet.
Please write me and we could change our Ideas.
My Mail:thch23(at)

Many Thanks,

  • The best way to tie for bastinadoFoottor, Sat Aug 18 14:06
    I was on the ground in a woods just my toes next to my big toes tied to a tree branch holding my feet and legs high in the air the strain on just those toes was endure but then add the beating.... more
    • Bastinado — Jon, Sun Aug 19 01:59
      • Ideas please Foottor, Sun Aug 19 13:35
        I'd love to hear ideas a Master could do to my feet toes and painted toenails. We could do pics and videos if he picks some to do. They can be mild to extreme but not things like permanently damaging ... more
      • Want to see pics of my feet torturedFoottor, Sun Aug 19 13:30
        I have a lot of pics and videos of tortures done to my feet toes and toenails would you like to see them comment on them ?
      • PencilsFoottor, Sun Aug 19 11:58
        Have you ever had pencils between all your toes with rubber bands to apply pressure after a short while it's unbearable. He had me come to his house took my shoes and socks my toenails were painted... more
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