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Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:58

Have you ever had pencils between all your toes with rubber bands to apply pressure after a short while it's unbearable.
He had me come to his house took my shoes and socks my toenails were painted bright red always for added humiliation.
Wee went on his back frnced in yard patio he had me put my feet in his lay then he tapped on my painted toenails to make them hurt some he said to punish !e for have to pretty of toes.
Then he put the pencils between all my toes rubber banded them in and said oh I think the grass need mowing.
That should be no problem even with the pencils it was a small yard every step hurt my toes my toenails still throbbing from him hitting them
Afterwards he removed the pencils had my lay on my stomach with my feet up soles together and said I don't know what happen to the ashtray bit your feet should work perfect.
I had to stay still for 3 cigarettes he smoked laying the lit cig on my toes flicking the hot adh on my feet and toes then smashing them out on my baby to when it was down to nothing.
Any movement ment the next torture would be I stay still as he
Lays lit cigarettes across my toes let's the burn across till they went out causing some blistered toes.
During I had to thank him for the cig buring pain.

Tell me some of your ideas for feet or my feet ??

  • BastinadoJon, Sun Aug 19 01:59
    Hi, I`ve also good Ideas for Bastinado fixing feet. Please write me and we could change our Ideas. My Mail:thch23(at) Many Thanks, Jon
    • Ideas please Foottor, Sun Aug 19 13:35
      I'd love to hear ideas a Master could do to my feet toes and painted toenails. We could do pics and videos if he picks some to do. They can be mild to extreme but not things like permanently damaging ... more
    • Want to see pics of my feet torturedFoottor, Sun Aug 19 13:30
      I have a lot of pics and videos of tortures done to my feet toes and toenails would you like to see them comment on them ?
    • Pencils — Foottor, Sun Aug 19 11:58
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