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Picked up your barefoot up today.
Sun Aug 19, 2018 13:28

I was driving on a busy street with construction.I saw a young guy walking barefoot on the dirty street and over the construction area very rough.
I stopped asked him if he needed a ride.
He said I can't I'm being punished by my Master I have to walk this busy street and through the construction area barefoot cuts,bruises I can't stop he's waiting for me.
Once at his place he will beat my soles and have another slave lick my feet clean.
Then he said I'd like to sit for awhile in your car.
I said sure he got in noticed I was turned on by his filthy punished feet put them in my lay.

I said I like to have my feet toes and toenails tortured plus embarrassing punishment.

He said give me you number he is always looking for new slaves to torture there feet.
The first you'll be barefoot dropped off 5 miles from his house barefoot with bright red toenails I will be with you we will walk busy dirty areas letting people see us and your pretty girly feet to make fun of.

He said you better not try to hide your painted toenails for each time you do the Master will clip one of your toenails down to nothing he says show them or lose them.
He said you will on what I say lit cigarette butt broken glass or whatever.
Back at our Master's house you will be bound naked with your filthy sore feet up in the air I will sit in a high stool with my filthy feet on your face my toes in your mouth you will lick them clean as he tortures.

He said Master loves guys with girly feet for toenails torture you'll have needles, toothpicks and tiny bebes pushed under the toenails he can get them in deep.
The pain will last hours unbearable even the toenail needles might be heated.

I said I will do as he pleases endure whatever makes him happy.

He said we will be calling you then he put his dirty toes on one foot in my mouth and said let's see how serious you are suck and lick it clean I did.
He said one last thing as he showed my thing sides of his baby toes with a dot pattern burned in of initials

He said when you arrive the Master likes to show ownership he will have me hold a unbent paperclip with pliers red hot burn a dot pattern of his initials on the side of but your baby toes up up for that.
I said oh yes if it pleases him.

If at anytime you disobey he will have me burn his initials into your painted big toenails so you can't hide it.

I'm turned on and excited,let me know everyone's thought on this please.

    • Oh forgot it was hot when the guy walkedFoottor, Sun Aug 19 13:43
      It was around 88 his toes had some blisters,he said that's a good thing if I didn't have any blistered toes he would do it with lit cigarettes as punishment for no blisters. But his are worse the toe ... more
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