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Oh forgot it was hot when the guy walked
Sun Aug 19, 2018 13:43

It was around 88 his toes had some blisters,he said that's a good thing if I didn't have any blistered toes he would do it with lit cigarettes as punishment for no blisters.
But his are worse the toe pads the ends some inbetween on the sides of my toes then he smokes a cigarette while holding it on a few toenails you can't move during.

  • Picked up your barefoot up today.Foottor, Sun Aug 19 13:28
    I was driving on a busy street with construction.I saw a young guy walking barefoot on the dirty street and over the construction area very rough. I stopped asked him if he needed a ride. He said I... more
    • Oh forgot it was hot when the guy walked — Foottor, Sun Aug 19 13:43
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