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Bottle standing
Sun Aug 19, 2018 14:06

Take 9 empty beer bottles glue and tape them together.
Next stand on them under a beam in the garage or a tree limb in the woods tie your wrists with padding so you don't loose feeling permanently.
Have someone or find away to have your wrists high enough so you can't step down off the bottles after 1 hour you'll be begging to be let down.
I have done 4 hours max I thought I was going crazy from the pain couldn't walk afterwards.

Many times I've bottle stood for a couple of hours with different guys adding tortures like needles deep under all my toenails, cigarette burned toes even hot glue dripped on my toenails.

When it was safer no West Nile I stood on bottles barefoot for hours with bug stray on all but my feet at sunset during peak mosquito season.
Twice my toenails were clampe pulled up tied to my ankles so the mosquitoes could feed under my toenails,that drives you crazy for days the nail bed itches under your toenails.
Once it was done to me 4 nights in a row when some of the swelling and itching eased up he took me back out for more toenail bed mosquito bites.

  • Foottor Olof, Sat Aug 18 15:18
    Your message sounds great. I am shure I will pull away my foot first if you drop a lit cigarette on it. 30 more strokes, yes, please. Strokes of the ruler must be very painful. I would like to test!... more
    • Bottle standing — Foottor, Sun Aug 19 14:06
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