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Winter barefoot torture
Sun Aug 19, 2018 15:14

I was taken deep into the woods my one wrist cuffed to a long chain no freedom sitting in a fallen log.
Then my shoes and socks were removed my toenails painted redhe said to match my toes after a along peroid in this cold.
My car was unlocked he left through my shoes and socks in my car and locked it.
The key to my wrist cuffed in a block of ice at my barefeet.
He said you have to find away to melt the ice in this cold to free the cuff key but you still have to walk barefoot in the cold and snow to your car.
I said but my toes will freeze he laughted and said they will freeze even more on the ice block trying to melt it so use your mouth every so often to put your toes in to warm them,you'll have to work on getting them in your mouth but that's your problem.
To make things worse before he left he pushed a tiny Bebe deep under my big toenails it was cold on the nail bed and hurt picking the toenail up.
I spent a couple of hours to get free.
Afterwards I met him and he said good job slave how about next time totally naked I said please no he said not your choice.

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