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Sun Aug 19, 2018 22:13

One time I met a Master in the woods near a river he had a bait bucket didn't know what was in it.
He had me sit on a fallen log that was high enough so my feet hanging down were off the ground I leaned back aginst a tree next cuffed my thumb behind me around the tree.
Next he removed my shoes and socks saw my toenails painted neon pink embarrassing color.
He said nice you obey well my pretty feet slave.
Then he opened the top of the bait bucket pulled out a crawfish and said I've been collecting them before you came here.
He said there pinch is very painfully as you will find out.
He moved the crawfish down to my baby toe it's claw opened up and pinched hard on my toes I grit my teeth in pain.
He said get use to it I have plenty for all your pretty toes and feet.
One after another clamped onto my toes the pain almost unbearable.
Next the sides of my baby toes.
Then the tops and bottoms of my feet all together 10 on each foot with one on each toe.
I got hard from the pain he said I'm going to leave you here alone for awhile let you learn to enjoy the pain.
If some one comes along tell them not to remove any crawfish or when I get back they will be reapplied and you will be out here into the dark night for hours.
He was gone for 1 hour when back he taunted me telling me I didn't deserve to have them removed for having my toes fem.
He sat there for another hour making me raise my feet point my toes among other things.
Lastly he said in order to earn them taken off you have to pay with two toenails on each foot I will clip down to nothing take the whole toenails for a souvenir.
He said pick the toes I said my baby toes and middle toes he said seeing you picked the baby toenail the easiest I will take the baby toenail and the two middle ones.
He removed the crawfish and clipped away those toes were sore for weeks till the toenails grew back.
Then he said maybe next tine I should pull the toenail out with pliers and laughted.

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