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Re: Bastinado
Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:20

Hi olof,

My Mail:

  • BastinadoOlof, Sat Aug 18 12:37
    Who would like to do this to me: Lay me on the ground with my legs tied up high, prefered for hard bastinado. The punishment begins on my sensitive soles (size 42). I am not able to escape, only... more
    • Re: BastinadoJon, Sat Sep 1 01:55
      Hi olof, No Answer?
      • BastinadoOlof, Sat Sep 1 06:51
        Hi Jon We have already been in contact with each other during email. BR Olof
    • Re: Bastinado — Jon, Mon Aug 20 11:20
    • BastinadoJon, Sun Aug 19 01:54
      Hi Olof, I can help you,you want it and i can give you.Please write me with Mailadress and we will see what is to do. My is: thch23(at) Jon
      • BastinadoOlof, Sun Aug 19 04:13
        Hi Jon! Thanks for your reply. I would like to be helped by you. What are you living? Country? I am in Sweden. Thanks, Olof
        • Re: BastinadoAnonymous, Sun Aug 19 11:33
          Hi please write to the Mailadress in the Message. Many Thanks
          • BastinadoOlof, Sun Aug 19 14:41
            Anonymous, I can not se your mailaddress in your message. Olof
            • Re: BastinadoJon, Mon Aug 20 11:21
              Hi, Mail: Thanks
    • A RulerFoottor, Sat Aug 18 14:00
      I would use a nice strong ruler.Your will have stripped bruises on your soles. Then you can get revenge on me both with bruised soles we do this deep in the woods old shoes and socks thrown into the... more
      • Foottor Olof, Sat Aug 18 15:18
        Your message sounds great. I am shure I will pull away my foot first if you drop a lit cigarette on it. 30 more strokes, yes, please. Strokes of the ruler must be very painful. I would like to test!... more
        • Bottle standingFoottor, Sun Aug 19 14:06
          Take 9 empty beer bottles glue and tape them together. Next stand on them under a beam in the garage or a tree limb in the woods tie your wrists with padding so you don't loose feeling permanently.... more
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