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Email me I'll send pics of my feet tortured
Mon Aug 20, 2018 20:22

Might be meeting with a Master this week he wants to do a torture I had to do a few years ago.
My toenails painted wearing sheer thigh high nylons with bottle caps in them under my toes and soles.
He said then I will do yardwork as he relaxes watching me there is a 8' privacy fence.
He said I will also stand on the hot concrete so the bottle caps heat up till he says.
To finish the thigh highs removed and bottle caps I'll have to stand with my wrists tied to a roof beam on his patio on tiptoes on hot concrete
He will use a magnifying glass to sit and focus on my girly toenails as punishment for them being to pretty he said he might do it till the paint burns off if I move during big toes will be cuffed so I can't move my toes then he will focus the sun through the mail. Glass till I'm screaming in my sock gag.
He said my baby toenails he will till screaming then another 30 seconds.

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