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Painted toenails
Thu Aug 23, 2018 22:34

Please give me a email that works that one didn't I have a lot to show you.
You like it when someone like me is forced to have his feet very from and girly ?
It shows total control I'm not allow to have male feet mine have to always be girly with painted toenails.
A mental torture along with feet torture is to be walked in busy area where people see me with girly feet make comments and laugh at I usually have to do it till my feet are filthy sore with some bruises and maybe cuts,it shows then I've been kept barefoot for along time.
Embarrassing Humiliating but a huge turn on.

  • Re: Anyone want to see my pics and videos barefoot slave, Thu Aug 23 16:46 i want to see. Please send me pictures or video, but only those ones with painted toenails, please
    • barefoot slaveFoottor, Fri Aug 24 00:29
      I've tried that email a few times it says invalid,I have pics ready to send and want to chat with you. Please check your email give me one that wroks I'll send my stuff.
    • Painted toenails — Foottor, Thu Aug 23 22:34
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