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Oh yes
Mon Aug 27, 2018 06:46

He says you have to learn your feet are to fem and pretty and you must endure pain to them it pleases me.
Then before I can recover from the burns to my soles he Tues me up with my feet in front 9f my then slowly lits 10 cigarettes pushed needles through them and says now for those cute pretty toes.
Each one he slowly pushes the needle in deep and says the pain has to be slow for it to work best.
He turns the lits out we watch and the hot Ash glows slowly burning go meet each toe then all 10 start to burn across my toes I'm in unbearable pain no way to put the cigarettes out as blisters start to form finally they burn out from my toe flesh.
To finish he ties my toes down on a board 10 lit cigarettes again this time he says you will wish you never painted your toenails so girly you'll have to pay for them being to pretty.
He pushes very hard each needled lit cigarette in the middle of every painted toenail then sits back to watch.
They burn down cooking my pretty toenails he says oh that must hurt and the heat is also going down the needle into your tender nail bed.
The he threatens me and says maybe I should keep adding cigarettes until those girly toenail fall off from the heat then you will have nothing to make your toes pretty and girly.
You like ??

  • Re: My Master wants requests.feett, Sun Aug 26 05:43
    You are laying down with your nacked feet. Your master lit two cigarettes and push needles through them. Then he pushes theneddels deep into your soles, so that the cigs can burn down at yout soles.... more
    • Oh yes — Foottor, Mon Aug 27 06:46
      • Re: Oh yesfeett, Sun Sep 2 05:55
        Yes!!! I would llke to see (or do) a treatment like this on yout feet.
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