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Forced Barefooted
Forced to take my shoes and socks off in a bus station
Sat Sep 1, 2018 08:54

I have allways had a fantasy about being forced to take my shoes and socks off in a crowded public place,like a bus station or someplace, where all people around me could watch as I'm forced to strip barefooted in front of a group of strangers. It's really humiliating to have to hand over my only shoes and socks to some guy I've only talked to on the internet, as he locks them away in the bus station locker. Now I'm barefooted with no way to get my shoes back. I have no control over if or when my shoes will be returned. Of course the people in the bus station all look at me like I'm crazy for handing my shoes and socks over to this guy and putting my bare feet on public display for them all to see, as it's not every day that they see a guy forced to go barefooted whether he wants to or not. Oh yeah, they all get a good look at my feet, I feel them checking out my toes. The guy is really getting into me being embarrassed at having to show everybody my feet with nothing I can do about it but let them stare at me while I'm barefooted in this public place. He has me sit in the food court and put my bare feet up on the table so my soft soles are exposed, drawing even more attention to the fact that I'm totally barefooted with no way to get my shoes back.

  • Making A Guy Go Barefooted Against His WillForced Road Trip In Your Bare Feet!, Sat Aug 25 06:38
    My buddy Jack has a strong fetish to force guys to show their bare feet. He makes me pull my shoes and socks off and hand them over to him so he can lock them away for safekeeping. He's real... more
    • I've always wanted to be forced to go barefoot in public. It would not have to be in a crowded place. Just the chance that I would be caught creates a great deal of anxiety for me.
    • Re: Making A Guy Go Barefooted Against His WillBarefoot Suffering, Sat Sep 1 14:12
      Always great and humbling to be forced barefoot outdoors. Shoes and socks are a privilege, not a right. I feel it's my duty to confiscate shoes and socks and force those who are nervous about being... more
    • Forced to take my shoes and socks off in a bus station — Forced Barefooted, Sat Sep 1 08:54
    • The only difference is they make me do all kind of things barefoot but with painted toenails for added embarrassment. They pick my toenails color it's always the most girly. I have to do yardwork... more
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