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Wheel of Foot Torture
Sat Sep 1, 2018 14:06

I've always been interested in scenarios where the victim's fate is randomised and determined by luck, rather than purely the whims of their master. Personally I'd love to be in a situation where, following the restraint of the ankles and the stripping of shoes and socks, the fate of my bare feet is then put to a spinning wheel or other device with many implements listed on it.

Say for example, a wheel with a rattan cane, a mini whip, a wooden spoon, a belt, a cat o nine tales, a flex cable, hot wax and a Wartenberg wheel all listed on it. The wheel is spun and whatever the arrow points to is what my feet receive. A second wheel could then be spun with different numbers on it, ranging from 10 to 40, that would decide how many strokes I receive with that tool on each bare sole. I could get lucky and get only 5 strokes with a light tool - or my bare feet could be at the mercy of 40 strokes each with the most painful flogger.

I think this method would add a huge amount of intensity and excitement over the more traditional planned/agreed sessions.

    • Re: Wheel of Foot TortureAnonymous, Mon Sep 3 08:29
      Great scenario. That would be my fantasy fulfilled. The thought of not knowing what exactly is going to happen would be hot whether you are the sub or the Dom.
    • foot tortureshtfootcub, Sun Sep 2 07:17
      hey i like thi idea alot
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