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Rubber bands bastinado
Sun Sep 2, 2018 11:57

Hi guys,

I would like to hear from people having used rubber bands snapping as a soles torture method.

I am wondering if using rubber bands as the main technique for bastinado session can produce enough pain.

Also glad to hear how much of this you have received and how it felt!

    • Great torture with rubber bandsAnonymous, Mon Sep 3 15:00
      A great torture involving rubber bands is someone puts pencils between all your toes then use rubber bands to tightly force your toes together.The first time I was tied to a bed with pencils rubber... more
    • Rubber bands bastinadoOlof, Sun Sep 2 13:40
      Hi Simon I can tell you that a bastinado session with rubber bands produce a lot of pain. The soles of the feet are very sensitive and the pain is terrible. After 6-8 strokes of the band, it's hurts... more
      • Rubber bands bastinadoSimon, Sun Sep 2 13:52
        Thanks for the reply. I have done it to myself with relatively small rubber bands, did 20 snaps or so. My question is more toward how it feels to have it done way longer, during a real bastinado... more
        • Rubber band snapping I have experienced Foottor, Sun Sep 2 14:47
          I have had my feet punished with large thick rubber bands many times. Once while my ankles and wrsists were locked in wooden stocks bent over so I had to watch. He put large thick rubber bands on my... more
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