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Rubber bands bastinado
Sun Sep 2, 2018 13:52

Thanks for the reply. I have done it to myself with relatively small rubber bands, did 20 snaps or so. My question is more toward how it feels to have it done way longer, during a real bastinado session.

  • Rubber bands bastinadoOlof, Sun Sep 2 13:40
    Hi Simon I can tell you that a bastinado session with rubber bands produce a lot of pain. The soles of the feet are very sensitive and the pain is terrible. After 6-8 strokes of the band, it's hurts... more
    • Rubber bands bastinado — Simon, Sun Sep 2 13:52
      • Rubber band snapping I have experienced Foottor, Sun Sep 2 14:47
        I have had my feet punished with large thick rubber bands many times. Once while my ankles and wrsists were locked in wooden stocks bent over so I had to watch. He put large thick rubber bands on my... more
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