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Rubber band snapping I have experienced
Sun Sep 2, 2018 14:47

I have had my feet punished with large thick rubber bands many times.
Once while my ankles and wrsists were locked in wooden stocks bent over so I had to watch.
He put large thick rubber bands on my feet and smaller thick ones in my toes.
First he snapped them far out to release them it hurt like hell especially when he focused on the same spot I had stripped bruises.
Then he dsaid tine to give your soles a break snapping the ones on my toes right on my toe knuckles,tops of my toes and toenails.
I had red and bruised toe knuckles and toes even under my toenails could be seen bruisinng to the nail bed.
I was in tears could barely walk afterwards.
A few times he did it then made me mow his large lawn barefoot.
As he watched me slowly push the mower with my rubber band bruised feet and toes.

  • Rubber bands bastinadoSimon, Sun Sep 2 13:52
    Thanks for the reply. I have done it to myself with relatively small rubber bands, did 20 snaps or so. My question is more toward how it feels to have it done way longer, during a real bastinado... more
    • Rubber band snapping I have experienced — Foottor, Sun Sep 2 14:47
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