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Tell me what to do
Wed Sep 5, 2018 07:49

Being barefoot in public is very stressful for me so I need to be forced. Send an email to telling me what to do and I will submit to your demands.

    • No limitations & 0-toleranceAnonymous, Wed Sep 5 13:05
      slave, IT will not be limited to out in public. slave you will be kept bare foot everywhere for every second of stress that can be extracted from you being kept bare-foot by everyone you meet from... more
      • Re: No limitations & 0-toleranceAnonymous, Fri Sep 7 10:07
        I received several responses. One gave me a choice to go barefoot in a park, movie theater, mall, bar or street downtown. Which should I do?
        • Barefoot walkBarefoot Embarrassment, Sat Sep 8 20:15
          I've been walked barefoot with painted toenails everywhere not allowed to hide my toenails or avoid walking past people. If I did he would take me to a privite area make me hold my feet up and beat... more
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