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Barefoot walk
Sat Sep 8, 2018 20:15

I've been walked barefoot with painted toenails everywhere not allowed to hide my toenails or avoid walking past people.
If I did he would take me to a privite area make me hold my feet up and beat my soles then make me point my toes hit my toe knuckles and toenails with a ruler.
He would say you'll learn to show off those girly toes or your toes knuckles and toenails will be bruised.
Then more walking toll my feet were filthy sore with some bruises and cuts.
Anyone want to see pics email me

  • Re: No limitations & 0-toleranceAnonymous, Fri Sep 7 10:07
    I received several responses. One gave me a choice to go barefoot in a park, movie theater, mall, bar or street downtown. Which should I do?
    • Barefoot walk — Barefoot Embarrassment, Sat Sep 8 20:15
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