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Deleting messages
Mon Sep 10, 2018 09:25

I don't think you can and that is a problem with this old style message board that clearly logs your IP and then displays it and it can get picked up by Google as well and archived.

One should use a VPN or spoof their IP, if it's super critical you could contact your internet provider and say your modem it not working and have them exchange it for a new one and that will give you a different IP for going forward.

  • how can i do to destroy messagesXavier, Sun Sep 9 03:55
    hi to the webmaster, how can i do to destroy some messages i posted on the board thanks
    • Deleting messages — Anonymous, Mon Sep 10 09:25
    • MemberRemove Messages, Sun Sep 9 10:04
      I think you have to be a member and pay the monthly fee,I'm not one but I imagine that's what it takes
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