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Exacto blades
Under my toes
Tue Sep 11, 2018 22:09

A master once attached Exacto blade under my toes just sticking a little into my toe pads.
Then he walked me I had to be careful or the points would go farther into my toe pads.
He laughted as he watched.
Making comments like watch it or those poor toe pads get impaled.
Email me I'll see if I can find my pics of it.

  • Hard needle play/light cuttingFoot patient, Tue Sep 11 02:57
    Anyone else interested into hard foot torture with needles, or even into small cuts with a sharp blade?
    • Needles and cuttingcuteiainuk, Wed Sep 12 01:39
      Hi. Yes I love needles and Torture. I would also give you small cuts with a scalpel. Where in the world are you?
      • needles and cutsfootorture, Thu Sep 13 12:28
        Hi, I would like to be your slave, have nice feet. I am near Austria. slave
        • Slavecuteiainuk, Fri Sep 14 06:46
          Can you email me. Letís talk
      • I'm in the Chicago suburbsFoot torture, Wed Sep 12 20:39
        I'll try to find the photos of my toes with Exacto blades under them. I've had Master's clamp my painted toenails then left them up do put tiny cuts under all my toenails then a tiny bit of salt. The ... more
    • Under my toes — Exacto blades, Tue Sep 11 22:09
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