Long Bastinado
Tue Nov 6, 2018 06:41

I want to meet someone at the woods near my house I walk into to them find him waiting by a large log.
He orders me to lay down put my ankles up on the log then says you won't be needing your shoes and socks my toenails are painted bright red for added humiliation.
He ties my ankles to the log cuffs my big toes then ties my baby toes pulls then hard and tight tied to the log forcing my toes to painfull spread.
Then I see him with a long flexible cane.
Starts in with 10 hard hits.
Waits 5 minutes then 10 more.
Till my soles are bruised.
My toes hard if I tried to move my feet.
Next he makes me walk back to my car barefoot with my painted toenails showing that's why he made me do that I have to walk past the gay guys that hang out there carrying my shoes and socks not allowed to put them on.
They laughed make comments and tell me we are here everyday come back we well show you how we properly torture pretty girly feet like yours.
I did go back a few times.

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