sole punishment
Wed Nov 7, 2018 14:05

hi,I live in ny I am looking for someone who also lives in ny who is interested in sole punishment Would you want your soles branded or a hot iron put against them? let me know

    • Punishing your solesJoe, Wed Jan 30 14:55
      I live in ny I am interested in ironing your soles would you scream
    • Feet tortureJoe, Wed Jan 30 14:42
      I would like to press your feet I want to see you lie facedown barefoot I want to hear you shout ow
    • Re: sole punishmentanon, Fri Nov 9 09:11
      Hi, I am also from ny and I am interested in foot torture. I would love a brutal bastinado but also hot irons on the bottom of my feet sounds interesting. My email is madonna.delcarmelo79@gmail.com
      • feet steamingFEETTEACHER, Fri Nov 9 12:26
        are you male or female?
        • Re: feet steaminganon, Fri Nov 9 14:49
          • feet steamingFEETTEACHER, Fri Nov 9 14:55
            I would be happy to take yur barefeet lying facedown in the cleaners and steam clean and press them I hope you enjoy it
    • feet steamingFEETTEACHER, Thu Nov 8 16:27
      peter do not believe what masterslave told you I want to meet you I am a college graduate with a 3.4 index I am a teacher I am not dumb!
      • Hot foot pageSore feet, Fri Nov 9 23:34
        Check out my hot foot page. I love hot foot torture https://youtu.be/aCLbd67tr40 Thanks
        • feet steamingFEETTEACHER, Sat Nov 10 10:55
          where do you live? I am I upstare ny I,d like to get together with you emai; me I liked your video
          • Hot Footsore feet, Mon Nov 12 06:53
            I don't have a steamer just heater and griddle. Are you on Google hangouts? Chat?
            • feet steamingFEETTEACHER, Mon Nov 12 09:26
              I am only on josephmonaco23@yahoo.com do you want me to use a heater on your soles?
              • Hot Footsore feet, Mon Nov 12 14:19
                Sure a heater or dance on griddle/hot plate. I will add you to google hangouts. Did you see my videos?
                • feet steamingFEETTEACHER, Tue Nov 13 17:18
                  hi,where in ny do you live? I,dlike to get together with you. Can you stand steaming?
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