Could use a good feet beating
Wed Dec 5, 2018 23:27

Want to talk with meet or share my photos with someone.
Thinking about meeting at the woods this winter make me sit in my car with my barefeet out the window in the cold with my toenails painted to embarrass me.
You walk up say your feet need a good beating for looking so unprotected and girly.
Then you show me a ruler,small branch,piece of wire or whatever you have tell me to keep my feet out the window in the cold don't move them.
And count at you beat my soles.
You pick a number I have to endure it the gay men hanging out there can watch.
Then make me point my toes tap on my toe knuckles till red maybe bruised if you like.
Then tell me your toenails must me punished for being painted while still pointed you aim and hit right on each toenail.
If you smoke cigarette burn my toes up to you.
I will bring thick rubber bands if you want to snap them on my soles till bruised strips.
To finish make me walk with my sore feet on the filthy cold pavement make me show off my girly punished feet till my toes are almost as red as my toenails.
Please email me I have many photos or if your in the Chicago suburbs.
If you can host I could come to your house my feet all yours bite,pinch,burn or beat my soles and toes.
Make me walk around with thumbtacks you put in my toes also out in the cold so the tacks get cold send it up into my toes.

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