Re: Feetteacher
Mon Jan 7, 2019 13:34

To muscle slave do you really want this done tou your feet what do you do for aaliving anyway

  • Feetteachermuscle slave, Mon Dec 24 08:55
    hey Joe do you really have a steam presser ? or is that only part of your fantasy
    • Re: Feetteacher — Anonymous, Mon Jan 7 13:34
      • Feetteachermuscle slave, Tue Jan 8 23:29
        where are you located
    • Re: FeetteacherAnonymous, Mon Dec 24 10:10
      It may only be a fantasy for Joe, but I would like to have it be a reality for me.
      • Feetteachermuscle slave, Tue Dec 25 07:46
        Hey anonymous we know you are Joe without the steam presser
        • Steam pressing yourfeetJoe, Sat Dec 29 11:55
          You. Mean you would actually ge T your feet pressed
        • Steam pressing your feetJoe, Wed Dec 26 09:00
          Yes,I would like to do this to your feet if you kwant
          • Feetteachermuscle slave, Wed Dec 26 23:30
            • Pressing your feetJoe, Thu Dec 27 11:32
              When mare you available
              • Feetteachermuscle slave, Thu Dec 27 11:35
                sunday the 30th all day and night
                • Meeting youJoe, Thu Dec 27 14:35
                  Where do you live
                  • Feetteachermuscle slave, Thu Dec 27 22:01
                    Monroe NY
            • Burning your feetJoe, Thu Dec 27 07:20
              I am in ny
              • Feetteachermuscle slave, Thu Dec 27 07:39
                I said when stupid not where. I already know where you are the question is when
                • Re: FeetteacherJoe, Fri Dec 28 05:07
                  You are extremely rude,obnoxious and I want nothing to do with you. It,s people like you who make others want to commit suicide I happen to have an advance degree you,re a ...
                  • Feetteachermuscle slave, Sat Dec 29 00:33
                    awe sweety were you raised by a weak father that taught you to commit suicide if someone is rude. You have an advanced degree in nothing you nothing person . It is you who is rude by pretending to... more
                    • Steaming your feetJoe, Sat Dec 29 12:50
                      I want to see your feet steam cleaned in a dry cleaner and pressed and hear you scream
          • Re: Steam pressing your feetAnonymous, Wed Dec 26 09:33
            Where are you located?
        • Re: FeetteacherAnonymous, Tue Dec 25 13:38
          Also, I am not sure who or where Joe is, but would like to meet someone who is willing to administer some form of foot torture. The feeling of vulnerability and the anticipation of what is about to... more
          • Feetteachermuscle slave, Tue Dec 25 19:15
            cool contact me at
        • Re: FeetteacherAnonymous, Tue Dec 25 08:54
          No. Not Joe. I'm in Ohio.
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