A Torture I Endured
Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:02

On a very hot day I had my wrists tied to a beam under a patio roof.
On tiptoes standing on hot concrete.
He used a it temp gun to keep checking the temp of my toes.
My toenails we're painted to humilate me.
He sat down by my feet with a mag glass and said Les burn this toenails polish of your girly feet.
It cooked a my toenails one after another.
I was gaged with my socks.
He clipped my baby toenails down to nothing used the mag glass to stop the bleeding.
He threaten to clip all my toenails off for have them painted and to pretty.
The last 15 minutes he put thumbtacks under all my toes then stepped on my toes so they went in.
As he did that he whispered in my ear I know it really hurts but you have to learn to endure it to please me it has to be done.
That 15 the thumbtacks heated on the concrete cooked my toes more.
Before releasing me he held one foot at a time up ands said I want some toes blistered if not you endure it till there are.

    • Re: A Torture I EnduredHahaha, Thu Feb 21 06:40
      Nice story. And then you woke up!
      • Don't askHahahaha, Thu Feb 21 20:52
        Don't ask me for proof with my photos and videos. I only share them with people I have talked to and trust on here they know I'm not lying about my stories.
      • All my stories are true Bastboy, Thu Feb 21 20:43
        A lot of them I have proof with photos. So HAHAHA don't comment on something you know nothing about. How would you have any idea if there true or not without even asking ? Don't take it for granted... more
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