Huge turn on for me
Thu Feb 28, 2019 21:48

I was locked into wooden stocks my ankles and wrists.
Then my punisher and his partner.
Slowly removed my shoes and socks telling my you'll soon have protection for your barefeet.
I started to get turned on knowing my feet will soon be bare have nothing to protect them from whatever they wanted to do.
Him and his partner said now that's better nice barefoot soft feet to torture.
First was a hairdryer till I was in tears.
Then they said now that your feet are good and sensitive your toes will each be tied pulled painfully back to one of ten eyebolts on the top of the stocks.
Each of my toes were bent straight back pulling them very hard.
My soles stretched as much as they could.
Next they layed a bucket full of different devices.
They said let's start with the piece of wire.
Beat my soles till throbbing and red.
Next a thin flexible switch.
They said now be good we want your feet with stripped bruises at will last your a week or more to make you remember.
It was nonstop one doing each foot.
I was in tears they said good now we know it's working.
They focused on one stop till it bruised them the next till my soles were covered in bruises.
They would laugh and say I bet you wish you had tpyoir your shoes and socks now.
Then they said we need a smoke and so do you I said I don't smoke they said oh that's not what we mean.
Each one pulled up a chair at each of my feet untied my toes then said take deep breaths this will be almost unbearable.
They burnt each to on the pad till it blistered.
Then one spread each of my toes burnt between them.
Last they made me keep my toes pointed and held the cigarette on each toenail for almost a minute whole puffing on it.
My toenails were Black from the ask.
To finish they wiped my feet toes and toenails clean with a ice cold rag.
They said now for your humiliation torture we will paint your burnt toenails neon pink then.
Drop you off in a busy area about 2 miles from here you'have to walk back in the cold with bruised soles blistered toes burnt but painted toenails for all to see and make fun of.
Once back to earn your car keys you will remove all your cloths stand on the back patio in the 45 degree temps for an hour maybe more depending how we feel.
I want to endure this again I'm in the Chicago suburbs.
I have many photos of most tortures I have endured email me I'll send you some.

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