Cleaning your feet
Tue Mar 5, 2019 12:41

Hi,Fabian,I would be happy to clean your sweaty feet I am in ny where are you

  • My feetFabian, Tue Mar 5 06:55
    Hi Joe, Yes, I am very intrested to have my feet clean. My feet are sometimes sweaty and I need your help. Where are you situated? I have feet size 43 with sensitive soles. BR Fabian
    • Re: My feetJoe, Tue Mar 5 12:44
      Fabian feel free to message me thanks for your response
      • My feetFabian, Tue Mar 5 14:16
        Hi Joe I am living in Stockhlm, so unfortunately, it's a long distance between us. Since many year I have had a wish to have my fee cleaned and streamed. Hopfully it will happens some times. Thank,... more
    • Cleaning your feet — Joe, Tue Mar 5 12:41
      • Cleaning your feetJoe, Thu Mar 7 14:23
        Fabian,do you still want your feet steam cleaned let me know joe
        • Cleaning your feetJoe, Thu Mar 7 16:07
          I would have you lieface down barefoot and apply menís. Feet cleaning fluid on your feet then use. Team on them
        • My solesFabian, Thu Mar 7 15:40
          Hi Joe Yes, I would like to have my feet steam cleaned. How do you do that? Iron? Pls explain, thanks.
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