Pencil Torture
Sat Mar 16, 2019 18:50

I've had pencils between all my toes with rubber bands forcing my toes together to make the pencils painfully dig into the sides of my toes.
Sometimes in the woods laying with my back on the ground my up in the air ankles tied to a low branch.
Usually an hour it's unbearable by then,he'll tell me you have to earn the pencils removed.
The choices are my soles beaten with a thin branch till stripped with bruises.
Needles slowly pushed deep under all my toenails which are painted to embarrass me if the guys there see my barefeet.
He flips a coin.
I had to learn to not make a sound during if I do the toenail he was doing when I made the sound he would heat the needle.
Many times he made me walk the trails with the pencils between my toes for him and others that joined in they would decide how long.
I have some photos of pencils between my toes while tied to a bed naked and edged those times are usually a lot longer till crying non stop.
If you want to see email me I have many many photos of my feet toes and toenails tortured.
The Masters I meet with also want requests.

    • Pressing guys feetJoe, Thu Mar 21 14:41
      I have a fantasy about guys feet being steam cleaned and pressed in a dry cleaner I feel crazy about it
      • Hot foot dancingHot feet, Thu Apr 18 21:40
        I am currently dancing on hot plate if you would like to watch. Hit me up on google hangouts if you want to chat or watch.
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