Forced humiliation walk
Wed Apr 24, 2019 00:23

Someone walk me for hour all over Chicago barefoot with painted toenails to punish and humiliated me.
During the walk if I try to avoid stepping on something for or somewhere and try to avoid people seeing my unmanly toenails.
We find a private area to give my soles a beating then keep walking me.
Walk me down filthy rat infested alleys.
My feet getting black sore with some cuts and bruises.
People will know I've been walking along time.
One time I had to do it in 30 degree weather a old women passed me and said it's. To cold out where are your shoes and socks.
I was ordered to say I don't deserve them my master makes me show off my girly toenails painted feet in any weather I over Ma'am.
I was instantly rock hard when she asked me.
I do have some good photos of my feet punished in different ways emails me if you want to see them.

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