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Scott Burleson
Still a liar
Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:58pm

The only loser Travis is you, what's wrong don't you want anyone to know how big a lair you are and no that was NOT mE and I have no idea who AL is you stupid ass I haven't writen anything on this forum in almost a year. I saw Gary over the weekend and he still thinks he can get free shit fron me after how he treated me, like a friend of mine at the fort said anyone in this type of thing has to have a little wrong with hin for doing it in first place you are a liar and a weak
human and you have been to my house plenty of times with you hand out Rounds powder etc
Hell I thought this shit was over but I see you are still as full of crap as you will always be, todays my birthday and I had to read this shit as far as I'm concerned the 8th and you can go straight to hell

  • Re: No SubjectT, Sat Apr 19 12:50pm
    very sad very sad. does AL stand for Absolute Loser? and if not, who is this AL you speak of Scott?...sorry to anyone for some reason still following this old dead forum but i just couldnt help... more
    • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Tue Apr 22 3:00pm
      your still lying after 2 years
    • Still a liar — Scott Burleson, Mon Apr 21 1:58pm
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