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Scott Burleson
To whom it may concern
Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:44pm

One more time! My name is Scott Burleson for almost six years I was with the 8th tn infantry re-enactment group I was for two years their President and for a year and a half I was the quartermaster for the unit, along with that I raised over 2600.00 dollars for them.
I raised the money in the understanding that they would buy a company flag, First! Only after I complained on this forum did they purchase a flag so they would not look bad!
After a disagreement with curtain members I was shunned and treated like crap and yes I have defended myself several times on this forum which in
return a curtain member Travis Devine has done everything in his power to make me out to be a liar.
Second I have tried on several occasions to make up forgive and to be forgiven for my part but with no return. Travis did treaten me my son several times over the last several years.
Third! I tried to give names as proof of what Travis has done but to no
reply, Travis simply lied about that to. The one time he treatened me was at my work wheree he told me and I quote, If I don't back off I'd be sorry.
Finally! I did all the above the money raising etc. because I thought of the 8th was my family.
I worked hard for them but were shunned by members like Steve and Shannon Lundberg, Bill Walker, Travis Devine, and Gary holt who is still asking me for favors after him telling me while I was loosing my home, my mother in the hospital, not knowing if she was going to die, that we weren't friends anymore and that I was no longer welcome at he house.
Travis will one day show he true colors to everyone., but as dirty as the 8th is no one will care.
so this is my last reply and travis keep on lying it will come back on you one of these days, God has a way of making things right.
I have no idea who AL is and even though travis will lie and say it's me.

    • Enough alreadyBree McAuley, Sat Apr 26 2:55pm
      I speak my mind. I refuse to let someone who don't know me from a hole in the ground bash me because of a beef with my husband. YOU BROUGHT ME INTO THIS, along with Kathy, who had no dog in your... more
      • Re: Enough alreadyAnonymous, Mon Apr 28 12:44pm
        If you notice BREE I have never used the words or would I have ever spoken to any of you the way you spoke to ME! I didn't even know you nor did I have anything negative to say about you or you... more
    • truthT, Tue Apr 22 4:51pm
      You can say its not you all you want, BUT your IP address says otherwise (those numbers that are listed after everytime someone posts), just in cause you were wondering what they were...... and you... more
      • Re: truthScott (Rant) Burleson, Fri Apr 25 10:49am
        Your right TRAVIS and thank you for making my point once more, You are the most dishonest person I have ever met, you openly lie without any remorse what so ever, and your not smart enough to know... more
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