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Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:51pm

You can say its not you all you want, BUT your IP address says otherwise (those numbers that are listed after everytime someone posts), just in cause you were wondering what they were...... and you can cuss and whine and say whatever you want, nobody really cares, this old forum is dead, only ones that see it are ones that are still subscribed or who just google the unit, we are growing and improving as a unit despite your rants, sorry to burst your bubble, good luck with your life in the future, hope things are good with you and yours.

Travis Devine

  • To whom it may concernScott Burleson, Tue Apr 22 2:44pm
    One more time! My name is Scott Burleson for almost six years I was with the 8th tn infantry re-enactment group I was for two years their President and for a year and a half I was the quartermaster... more
    • Enough alreadyBree McAuley, Sat Apr 26 2:55pm
      I speak my mind. I refuse to let someone who don't know me from a hole in the ground bash me because of a beef with my husband. YOU BROUGHT ME INTO THIS, along with Kathy, who had no dog in your... more
      • Re: Enough alreadyAnonymous, Mon Apr 28 12:44pm
        If you notice BREE I have never used the words or would I have ever spoken to any of you the way you spoke to ME! I didn't even know you nor did I have anything negative to say about you or you... more
    • truth — T, Tue Apr 22 4:51pm
      • Re: truthScott (Rant) Burleson, Fri Apr 25 10:49am
        Your right TRAVIS and thank you for making my point once more, You are the most dishonest person I have ever met, you openly lie without any remorse what so ever, and your not smart enough to know... more
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