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Scott (Rant) Burleson
Re: truth
Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:49am

Your right TRAVIS and thank you for making my point once more, You are the most dishonest person I have ever met, you openly lie without any remorse
what so ever, and your not smart enough to know what a IP address is, Yes Travis I know what a IP address is. your stupid!
I use the Public computer internet so just how many thousands of people use it a month, you stupid moron.
and my bubble was already busted, I thought of you, Randall and the 8th as my family, and yes I know exactly who AL is, he was sitting right next to me when he wrote it and he know you, doesn't think much of you Travis, You use people, like me and the only reason you have been in the 8th as long as you have is because you are a BUM you've borrowed off me, Randall and everyone you have put hand out for.
But you are right about one thing. Know one cares, after all I did I was like all the other members of the mighty 8th who did all they could and was swept aside by people like you. Hank, Etc.
Growing you can't even keep the newsletter and Website going, and as president you have done nothing !!
at least when I was president I raised all the money for it, but like I said before, I raised 2600.00 plus, if it were you it would have been 1300.00 if that.
I talk to you dad, your mother and Randall and as far as they are concerned it was over and with me to, No it's not me that is keeping it
going it's you little boy, If you tell the truth once it would shatter everthing you have said on this forum, and you are not MAN enough to do that.
You said you've never threatened me or my son, you know you have and GOD knows you have, I was called names by a woman I would never have called you or anyone else, didn't even know her, Never met her, because her husband and I were into it over the 8th, And if he knew how he was talked about by the 8th by toyu, he'd know, he wasn't missed at least!
you are now and will always be a red neck!
and lastly if no one cares and if you didn't want people to know the truth you wouldn't go out so hard to try to make me out to be a liar. HUH!!

you right! no one cares
if they didn't you wouldn't be so woriied about me telling the truth!!

How's the girl friend!! ran her off yet?

  • truthT, Tue Apr 22 4:51pm
    You can say its not you all you want, BUT your IP address says otherwise (those numbers that are listed after everytime someone posts), just in cause you were wondering what they were...... and you... more
    • Re: truth — Scott (Rant) Burleson, Fri Apr 25 10:49am
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